A better way to job search

Here at 1board we know just how frustrating it can be to find that perfect job. So, we've created a solution to help you on your journey.

Search & Filter

Most company career pages have search and filter functionality but when you search for a term and then filter that search even further they end up resetting your search term and might even show you irrelevant positions.


Our search feature shows only the relevant results for your query and do not suggest any irrelevant positions (e.g if you search for "Software Engineer" you will only see positions which have the term "Software Engineer" in them).


We give you the ability to filter on multiple fields at once without resetting your search term. This means you can search for a specific role and then filter down even further to find the perfect fit.


Here at 1board we like to visualize when jobs are posted.

Integrated with our search & filter functionality

When you search for a position our charts will update in realtime to show you the related data.

Break down by team

This allows you to stay informed of when specific teams usually post their positions.
1board charts image


We have an extensive list of resources to aid in your job search.

Community Built

Our list of resources is not static, we know that resources might become stale over time or something new might come around that is a cut above others similar to it. Which is why we ask our community to let us know of any resources which we do not have in our list so that we can add them.

Discord Community

Come join us on our Discord server to stay up to date with the latest news and events.

Integrated with 1board

We've added a discord widget to give you quick access to our community should the need arise.

Always up to date

We know how frustrating it can be to apply for a job only to find out it has already been filled.

Updated Daily

1board is updated daily to ensure you are not dealing with stale job postings.